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The current Knockout layout is restricted to 64 entries (I assume because of how many rounds can be shown in the viewing area), but there are two choices to allow a larger number of entries in a Knockout Tournament.

1. Allow additional rounds to be shown under the existing rounds.

2. Use a Vertical Layout.

Option 1

Use the same layout and place earlier rounds below the rounds up to 64 entrants. It may be the easier option to use as the product already has a horizontal layout that works well and is visually appealing.

There would only need to be one layout for earlier rounds placed beneath the current one, as it could cover up to 5096 entrants, or the 'Round of 64' and 'Round of 32' could be placed below the top layout, allowing up to 256 entrants as follows:

  • Above Layout = 16 - 8 - 4 - 2
  • Below Layout = 256 - 128 - 64 32

To be more flexible, if more than 32 entrants are in a tournament, allow a 'Use two layouts?' box to be ticked and let JoomSport pick the most suitable way to display the information (4 or 5 columns in the top layout and the rest below).

Option 2

Use a vertical layout for any number of entrants in a tournament and also have enough space to handle multiple sets and other information (see images).

The advantage of a vertical layout is it is very easy to see and use on mobile and different rounds can be highlighted with a variety of colour backgrounds.

The vertical option also allows all columns in a table to be sorted.



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There is an Option 3 which may be the easiest to do and is the most mobile friendly based on feedback, use tabs that switch into an accordion dropdown when not enough space for all the tabs (this would only happen for very large tournaments or if an event was split into a lot of tabs).

You can have as many players in the tournament as you want, as follows:

Tab 1 = Round of 128 and above

Tab 2 = Round of 64 to the final

You could make it even better by allowing admin to set the number of rounds per tab, for example if 3 rounds is selected for a tournament with 147 players, the Tabs appear as follows:

Tab 1 = Round of 128 and above

Tab 2 = Round of 64 to Round of 16

Tab 3 = QF, SF and F

You already use tabs for other areas in the software, so this should be an easier option to add and of the 3 choices it was the one most preferred in feedback, especially for mobile, as the same layout is used, the only difference is the stage of the tournament being viewed. It would also work well in the app.

It is the way JReviews works on our site, if you look at any of the Directory listings on mobile.

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