Shots Ratio used to decide sequence of Places in Leage Table

Richard shared this idea 4 years ago
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Some of our leagues use a Shots Difference Ratio to decide places in the table for teams on equal points:

Shots For/Shots Against = Shots Ratio.

It would work using the Goals For and Goals Against fields (as we use them with a different string name for Shots For and Shots Against:

Goals For/Goals Against = Goals Ratio

It would be an extra choice in the Season set up to decide sequence of places in the Standings table and a field that could be used as a column in the table (call it Goals Ratio in your default settings, a languge string can change the name as required).

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Thank you for the suggestion. I believe we have similar / functionality you need already. Our product has ability to rank teams according to goals for / goals agains difference between two teams with equal points. Please refer to product season ranking documentation / chat with Dmitry about it


It is slightly different, for example:

GF = 63

GA = 37

GD = 26 (63 - 37)

GR = 1.70 (63/37)


OK. Thanks.

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