Seeded Players

Richard shared this idea 3 years ago

Is it possible to Seed Players for the draw in a tournament and show them in the output (see image):


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What is the difference please in seeding describe above comparing to the following 2 steps case

- create knockout tree in separate season (to have separate players list) or simply add knockout tree to current season(to have full players list)

- add manually winners of the knockout to the round robin stage


I just mean a field to allow a player to be allocated seeding in a tournament and have a seeding shown beside the name. The players are added to the knockout draw manually in the normal way, but if an automatic knockout draw was available it could use the seeding field to put players in different parts of the draw (odds to top, evens to bottom, for example).


Ref the solution in this item we can use the team name to include the seeding value, so this item is no longer required by me (not sure if anyone else needs it).


For a Singles event, if Player 1 is seeded 5, the Player would be called Player 1 and linked to the Team called Player 1 [5].

The same would apply to pairs, triples and fours tournaments.