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Peter Balazs shared this question 10 months ago

i dont find option to show referee on matchday overview. is this possible?

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There is possibility to add referee for match, not matchday

here is the flow:

1. create person category Referee

2. create referees in person menu and assign person category for them

3. create extra field referee connected to match

4. add referee for the match using selector


thanks for your answer. i already know this way in the match.

but for us this is not helpful. the need is really to see referee on matchday. the needed informationo is for example:

Round 1 - Date - Team 1 vs. Team 2 - Ref: Team 3.

Team 4 vs. Team 5 - Ref. Team 6.

Team 3 vs. Team 7 - Ref: Team 1

Team 8 vs. Team 6 - Ref: Team 4

there are 8 Teams for an amateur league and all the teams also has to take over the part of the referees. we want to see on one view which games there are in a round, and which team has to be the ref for which game. its no solution to click in every match to look up who is the ref.

i hoped maybe there is a way to choose the options to show for matchday like for the tables.



is it for Joomla or WordPress? question was submitted to Joomla

where exactly you need to referee? on admin site where you add referees for games? or front pages were user browse your site. if it is front end what block you use - matches shortcode? calendar in (season post)? give me an url please so i can check and reply what is possible. Thank you


it's in Joomla.

i wish to see the referee for a game in the front page in season calendar. one more column for referee for a game would be nice to have.

e.g. (for reasons there is no calendar yet for this season 2020...)


Hi Peter,

It is nice to see someone still uses our standard version of JoomSport!

We don't have this feature implemented for our product. You can vote here it is almost the same as you need.

At least for now.

Do you have any plans converting to Pro version?

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