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Richard shared this idea 3 years ago
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The scores in our matches can be anything from 1 - 150 (for example 89 v 57), which makes it very difficult to predict the exact score.

However the maximum available total points (Match Points + Bonus Points) can be from 5 - 9, depending on the number of rinks in a match and each team can have from 0 points upwards, in steps of 0.5 points (for example 4.5 v 2.5 in a 7 total points match).

Therefore would it be possible to predict the number of total points for each team in a match instead of the score, to make it more feasible to get a correct result?

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If we get to the point we are planning to introduce the system when you pick winner side only instead of predicting the score. I guess it will be perfect functionality for your case. The system will be also useful for the sports where they have big score and it is hard to predict the exact result


We looked at it again and using scores is fine as our points difference values are all unique (for example 5-2, 4-3, 6-1) because they add up to 7 and the "Exact Prediction" would be the same as "Winning Team and Exact Points Difference Prediction".

Therefore the current options in the Joomla Plugin are ok and we use the same points for predictions used in the demo:

10 Points = Exact Prediction

5 Points = Winning Team and Exact Shots Difference Prediction

2 Points = Winning Team Prediction

Therefore we do not need a version that predicts points although others may do so if their points difference values are not unique.

WordPress Plugin Version for Joomla?

All the functions in the WordPress Plugin version would be perfect, as it covers everything including cup competitions and Private Leagues, is there a timescale for a Joomla version that is the same as the WordPress version?


Richard, if we find the customer who will be ready to pay for such functionality on Joomla, we will release it for Joomla as well.

Things we did for WordPress are fantastic - aka March Madness knockout predictions, flexible leaderboard tables, private leagues, leaderboard places ticker and prediction statistics blocks on match page. I like the ideas but Joomla predictions market is not big so we cannot invest into this particular features development.


I understand, it is a perfectly sensible approach to development of the addon.

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