Player/Team Stats Events Input Field to be less time consuming and functional!

onlinelig shared this idea 4 years ago

Well basically the users are spending so much time with a great hussle to be able to input either player stats events or team stats events. What i mean is in order to input those events we must

1- Select Event From a dropdown list (which is a great hussle)

2- Select Player/Team from a dropdownn list (another great hussle)

3- Input the number

4- Add

And then continue to do the same for the rest of each events team or players! Now come on, can't you see it's hell of a time if you have like 10 team events and 10 player events and 2 teams respectfully to do the 4 steps over and over again!!! Unbelievably unintuitive and time consuming!

So what i want to suggest is pretty pretty simple and i'm sure you'll be like oh well that's great. :)

Forget about all those dropdowns selection list aside, delete those dropdown select list open all events for each team and player respectfully with the inputs right beside so that all we will need to do will be to input the blank inputs and save it all respectfully just like an open list form and we fill the blanks only and whatever blanks we want to fill and only those who have inputs filled will be shown on the frontend. That easy and a lot more functional!

I hope that you'll take this into account sooner. I'm more than willing add feedbacks and answer your questions about the design i wanted explain here if you have any more queries about what i'm really talking about.

Thank you very much keep up the good work please. :)

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Thank you for your feedback! Indeed we have current player statistic inconvenient for manual data entry.

Still we have our own concept how do we want to improve this part of the product:

What we are thinking of is to divide Player events into two sections "Events" and "Player statistic".

Events will be addressed to match Events and will be used for blocks like timeline, Match events block on player page in player statistic tab. We will keep the way it is working now in back end and front end. I believe there shouldn't be a lot of events for match (e.g. for soccer goals, cards) entered. on the other hand new "Player statistic" will be addressed to players achievements / statistic during each match and will be displayed as boxed score tab on match page. For this part we are planning to introduce tables just as you describe above.

Here are the links for boxed statistic idea for WordPress plugin and for Joomla component. You are welcome to leave your votes there. I'm closing current idea so far.

Thank you!


Just forgot to mention that we will improve Team statistic data entry just as you describe in future releases. Here is the example of how it will look like in Back end.


We registered the issue # JSPRO-3385 but at this stage cannot identify the release - future major or coming Minor 4.1.3 planned in April.


It looks good and promising i would love to contribute in terms of testing if possible and let you know how it feels when you improve.

As i've mentioned it's really a big hussle as of now.

And i would be comfortable if all these improvements are for front-end moderators as well. Bcs from what i've understood you're trying to improve back-end but what i want to see is moderators on the front end can have easier and less time consuming inputs to fill.

I hope that i'm clear with what i mean by front end moderators. :)


Yep, clear enough. Thank you. It is very hard to say when we get the time to rebuild moderating UIs for Joomla version. They are all far from perfect. :( But thanks for conversation and the notice as well.

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