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Richard shared this idea 3 years ago
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A Player Rankings List based on performance would be useful, with a field to allocate ranking points per match either manually or automatically, allowing a table similar to the image below to be producred:


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Nice feature


We are looking at how to reach a simple solution within existing JoomSport software as all raw data is available, but if not possible all that is needed is a plugin that produces output under the following headings:

  • Ranking
  • Player
  • Country
  • Team
  • Tournaments (Number of)
  • Points

The Season Tab in Player set up could have an extra Field for Ranking Points so that the manual points entered would link to the season and the Number of Tournaments would be equal to the Number of Seasons a player was active in.

Therefore all the data for the table would come from the Player information and clicking on the Player name link in the plugin output table would go to all the tournament summary and individual match details that are available in the player stats and overview tabs.

An example of detailed output for a player is at with an explanation of how it works at but it doesn't have to be exactly like that, just something simple to allow any rules to be applied.


Greate idea


If i remember correctly when this was posted it would have cost too much to add in a new section for player ranking but after the updates made to box score (see there is a simple way to get a ranking table using the existing output in box scores.

Current Output

The box score layout is flexible (decided by the website owner or anyone with authorised access) and the summary output is shown at Player, Match and Team level based on the data entered for each match.

This output can be designed by the website/authorised owner as a Ranking Table at Team level, but requires manual ranking entry and cannot be filtered or sorted in order at the moment.

Suggested Additional Levels

If the current box score summary output was also shown at Group, Season and Tournament level, it would show all the necessary information for a Ranking Table at all levels.

Suggested Options

1. All columns to be sortable

2. Allow one or more columns to be filtered/excluded from the box score output to produce a ranking table.

3. Allow one or more Teams, Groups, Seasons to be filtered/excluded from the Ranking Table output (if they would normally be included at that output level).

Note - The most effective way to produce Player Stats/Rankings is to collect Player/Match data automatically at Match Level and allow filtered output as selected by anyone with authorised access to set up. It would replace manual entry box scores etc and be easier to maintain but may be too costly to set up at the moment, perhaps something for later.


hey Richard,

Sorry, it is out of our focus completely for now. We are not planning to build such system in the nearest future. We are planning big release soon but it will be more dedicated to soccer due to our new focus project:

related Events (e.g. assist), more default fields for players, own goals display, live matches for WordPress, etc...


No worries, just posting the option for future reference.

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