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Simon Slee shared this idea 4 years ago
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When you make extra fields (player level) although you can control the ordering of these extra fields, you cannot set their order against the mandatory fields that are already there (i.e. name, nickname, location, etc.).

This would be ok if the extra fields came after the mandatory ones (as usually a players full name should be the first field), but for some reason the extra fields come before the mandatory ones, it seems like the order is the wrong way around.

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If this could be an optional setting please as it suits our sport the way it is but I accept Simon's point that it would be more suitable in other cases to be the other way round.


It would also be nice to be able to specify the order in which players are displayed on the line-up page.

I have created an extra field (more precisely: a selection field) for the player position, which contains "Goalkeeper", "Defence", "Midfield" and "Attack" as values.

On the game page, however, a completely arbitrary sorting is displayed for the line-up. It would make more sense if the goalkeeper were at the top, then the defenders, then the midfielders and then the attackers. That would be much clearer to recognise a tactical formation.


Kiezkickerde, This is how it does on our page here


We set JoomSport settings this way ae33666f6a245abbc4818ecb312ebb62

Position items were created as it ordered






Ah, thank you, I had wrong settings in the "Order lineups by" - field ("name"). ;->

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