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abracarambar shared this idea 3 years ago
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It could be great if it was possible to choose wich result field could be selected for each league.

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I was talking about back office too.


I have two leagues.

Each league has his own players. Each league has his own seasons.

First league needs this result fields to work : Points (numeric, entry), Report (numeric entry), Cumul (numeric sum(Points + Reports)), Seuil Atteint (numeric entry)

Second league needs this result fields to work : Points (numeric entry), Inscriptions (numeric, entry)

First league has no informations put on players results fields for Inscriptions (numeric entry)

The Second league has no information put on players result fields for Report (numeric entry) and Seuil Atteint (numeric entry). The second league doesn't need Cumul (numeric sum(Points + Reports) as well.

You answered by mail if players result fields are empty, they aren't displayed in front office.

But they actually appear in the front office.

That's why it should be better to choose manually which fields must be displayed by league (using checkboxes), in front and back offices. By the way this could enhance facility to fill performances (no useless fields displayed) for Managers. This could also prevent to display calculated fields which are not necessary. Finally this solution will help to present several different, complicated and independant leagues with your plug in.

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