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Richard shared this idea 4 years ago

Use a Reference box in the Tournament to group Leagues in a Season from one Association together for quick access on any device, especially mobile.

For example, a League with 6 Divisions/Sections in the 2017 Season for Association A would be set up as 6 x 2017 Tournaments and appear in the Season List with every other League in all seasons (for example a League with 5 Sections/Divisions in the 2016 and 2017 Seasons for Association B).

However, if a there was a text box in the Tournament set up to enter a reference for an Association (for example ABC), it would filter to show only any Tournament for that ABC Reference in the Season List, very useful for a website with a large number of Tournaments set up.

It would also be a simple way to solve the problem* of quickly viewing the other Divisions/Sections in a League from the Standings View or the League Module view, as anything with the same Tournament reference could be viewed by clicking on a 'Next' and 'Previous' link (see image).

*It removes the need for a hierarchical view of multiple Divisions/Sections in a League, one below the other.

The link would only go back and forth to Leagues in the same season, as the existing dropdown in Standings view would allow moving to a different season.

The independent reference also allows any Tournaments to be grouped together for easy viewing, even if from different Associations, as it is not restricted by the hierarchy of a league structure).

As a final suggestion for this item, a 'Reference List' would be a useful option to have as a Menu item, allowing the user to pick a reference and go straight to their list if tournaments for that reference (the list would be the same as the dropdown option in Season or Tournament List).



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I now have a better understanding of groups and the above is not explained correctly, so I will create new feedback items with a simple solution and then delete this one.


ok. Thank you!

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