Match Summary Visual Output

Richard shared this idea 3 years ago

There are a number of important summary tables that we use for each match and the data is all available in the Player, Match and Events Stats as well as the Quick Match Creation Section.

If it was possible to collect this information and display it in a Match Summary Tab that would be very helpful, either as a general table wizard that would allow fields to be selected and allocated to a cell in a table or designated output placed in a tailor made table.

As a start, I can explain where all the fields in the table below come from if this is feasible:


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Hi Richard,

For me it looks like this all can be done using our Box score stat feature. I'll open discussion with you along with other features list discussion. So far I'll put to to rejected status, we will change it if realized that it is useful for other sports and JoomSport customers


Understood, seems like a logical approach.


We tried Player Events but the layout would need custom changes, so not suitable.

However we found a simple solution using Google Docs and the 'About Tab' for matches (see this match), by embedding the code for the spreadsheet in the 'About Match' editor.

It auto updates the data during the game and is responsive for mobile devices, so there is no need to make any adjustments to JoomSport.

We can also use the same process for live data in the Season editors for 'About Us' and 'Rules'.

I am not sure if anyone else uses the same method in their sport, perhaps change this thread to 'collecting feedback' in case it is helpful?