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Savvas Hadjigeorgiou shared this idea 3 years ago

Hello there,

Since Joomla 3.7 we can add custom fields to our components. There are a LOT of options actually as you can see in the following link.

I think that it will be better to use tha Joomla function for "extra fielads" than yours. There are a lot fields that you dont have like Date and Color which are VERY helpfull to a sport site.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Savvas,

Thank you for your suggestion but can you please provide more use cases?

Usage of such fields in sport is very specific. Displaying simple data in extra field really gives no benefit. Let me explain.

For example lets' take "date" type field. It should be used to count players age or displaying birthday in fact. So configuration should be like this:


Simple display of the date doesn't bring much benefit.

For color extra field it might be used to put colors on different items of the statistic . For example we can change color of match statistic bars for this team, or some background on the team page, etc. There is no benefit for displaying simple color box for the team.

So I believe such fields should be pre-configured in specific way in product and displayed in right format on front pages rather then display of simple item that you enter.


The Date field can be used to show some date specific statistics which is more usefull instead of Text field. The age is one thing. Probably the Date of joining a club, or the Date of Contract End of a Player?

The Color field can be used to show the colors of the shirt, the short, the socks and the goalkeeper like the below image, with some custom code:


Ofcourse the above are some ideas I have for the Footbal (soccer) support. Probably in other sports there are some uses that I cannot think right now.

In general, I think it is better to use whenever you can the native support of Joomla (or Wordpress).


Hi Savvas,

thank you!

Date will be flexible in our case, we have already planned this feature to be implemented to our roadmap. we will be using our own extra field, not from Joomla.

For color it is also clear. I understand the use case. I might think of adding something similar in future.

As far as i see that there is no reason for using Joomla fields. the main reason is that such fields should behave in sport in specific way and it will bring more complexity to our product. So finally we ill stick to our own extra fields.

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