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BearDev shared this idea 3 years ago
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Calendar page is loading all the games in season. It would be good if it loads 5-7 required. The next bunch shall be loaded once user decide to browse matches up or down the list.

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The primary interest for users in Calendar is results, so reduce the number by only loading matches with results in the initial load with a 'View Fixtures' button below the last result that loads whatever number of fixtures the app can comfortably cope with. The first load of fixtures would have a 'View More Fixtures' button below the last fixture and this process would repeat until all fixtures are visible.

As the season progresses and more matches have results than the initial load can handle, load the most recent results first and proceed as above with 'View Fixtures' etc. If a user scrolls up through the results, at the top of the results show a 'Previous Results' button and load the next batch.

The above process allows the user to view the most relevant items first and choose the other content they wish to see without any loading issues.

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