Fantasy leagues

BearDev shared this idea 3 years ago
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Add ability to create Fantasy league with following ideas (approximately)

- Site visitors can have limited budget

- Create their own teams using player price

- Once real games played and players gains statistic you get points

- Site visitors leaderboard with best points

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Hey BearDev, I’m just trying to get my head around this app. This is a plug-in for Joomla? You paused development for lack of $$? It’s fantasy sports based? I might be interested in getting involved


Hey Mick,

We are not planning to invest our own company resources into fantasy sport plugin creation until we find someone who is interested to use our core stats solution (JoomSport) for fantasy league. We have deep understanding of how the fantasy league works. It takes around $2000-$3000 to create the product with basic fantasy features set. We have ~40% functionality developed for WordPress platform and have nothing started for Joomla. So if you are interested, you are welcome to contact us directly via chat / ticket system.


One of our customers is looking for co-investors to create fantasy extension for Joomla. Please contact us if interested.

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