extend knockouts with plate tournaments

BearDev shared this idea 3 years ago
Collecting Feedback

possibly extend it a bit further by allowing 'Plate' knockouts to be started at any round?

For example a Tournament with 32 entries:


32 16 8 4 2

16 8 4 2 = Plate for losers in R32 of main knockout tournament

8 4 2 = Plate 2 for losers in R16 of Plate 1 knockout tournament

4 2 = Plate 3 for losers in QF of Plate 2 knockout tournament

2 = Plate 4 for losers in SF of Plate 3 knockout tournament (the request by André Corrêa)

When setting up a knockout tournament, add an option for Plate tournaments (1 or more), where the starting round is entered and the name of the plate tournament. The round would be the round the players/teams were knocked out, so that the plate started the next round, for example:

Plate Round Plate Name

R32 John Smith Cup

R16 Paul Jones Trophy

QF A N Other Cup

SF A N Other Trophy

They do this in school tournaments where groups and double elimination are not used, just a straight knockout, so that losing teams get at least 2 games and a chance of a trophy.