Comments in match, player and stats

Marco Facciano shared this idea 3 years ago
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Add possibilities to add comments in matches, players and stats

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Hi Marco,

There is such possibility on Match pages. Make sure you have enabled comment for WordPress posts in WordPress settings /wp-admin/options-discussion.php

Once you enable it all new matches will have the ability to accept comments.

Here is the example:

Comments for Team and Player pages are not allowed - these are not regular pages where visitors should add comments (as per our opinion).


THis is true fro JOOMSPORT but not for ACHIEVEMENTS

is it possible to leave comments in ACHIEVEMENTS ?


Hi Marco,

My fault, i do apologize. Indeed comments functionality would be useful on "Stage" post at least. Thank you for the suggestion!

I'll keep it here in feedback collecting status. We don't have big plans for Achievements improvement so if you have small budget request from us and will do that for you / for public release.

Thank you!


I was able to solve this with some coding.

Are you interested in the solution?




Idea is simple so we will add it to the release ourselves during the next iterations if our developer is OK with the idea.

I'll keep it here in collecting feedback status.

thank you for you offer!

p.s. Marco, we will be VERY regretful if you can leave us a 5 starts review on

That will help us growing

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