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Is it possible to have a color legend per Season Group? This is because there may be multiple groups in the same season, but each group may have different number of teams, which will affect the positions having the respective colors in a particular group. Example:

Group A

Team 1 (Champion)

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4 (Relegated)

Group B

Team 5 (Champion)

Team 6

Team 7

Team 8

Team 9 (Relegated)

Team 10 (Relegated)

If the above groups are in the same Season, we will set 2 colors:

1) For Champion

2) For Relegation

But if we put Relegation color for rank 5-6 (in Group B), then rank 4 (in Group A) will not have the color. Likewise, if we put Relegation color for rank 4 onwards (for Group A), then rank 4 in Group B will have the Relegation color (when it should not be).

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This is something already added into our rodmap

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