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Calciodonne shared this idea 4 years ago
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for me it is very important that the coach I enter in the team / season is reported in match reports under his team

I do not see the system appropriate to insert the coach added to the match as Match extra field



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Completely agree coaches and referees are very important for stats


Thank you for your opinion! It is 100% the right feature!

I know current persons cannot be connected to each match and therefore we cannot collect the stats.

We will be adding the feature to public release. I just don't know when, cannot promise much.


Any update on this feature?

I think it would be great if the role of manager could be assigned to players rather than persons. Many players move on to become managers so it would be great to add a manager role with existing player profile. You could then just add a dropdown menu below squad to select a manager from player pool.


hey Johnny,

We will DEFINITELY implement referee stats and coaches stats one day. The bad thing we cannot say when for these two nice but deep features. Our dev time resources are really tight. We want to prep for World cup and require 3-5 major features. + We are hardly balancing between doing custom projects and own development. It is hard survival process for us. We cannot afford more developers at this level. The only way i see this if someone decide to help us sponsoring this feature. It will make a change. 500 -1000-1500$...

As for functionality i think it will be separate items, not connected with players. It is not always the case when manager was a player before. And it would be a bit strange to mix football player career with managing career. May be it would be better to have the link for player profile inside coach profile. Sounds reasonable.


Yes as long as you can connect them it would be great.

Btw, can you talk about which features are to be implemented next year?


We want to deliver connection between group and matches in our API. So matches that delivered from statorium automatically connected with specific groups and you can filter by group in wordpress.

We want to create Joomla4 product version

We want to create disconnected matches from teams in our Statorium API. So we can create stages just with simple text names like "Group A Winner, Group B 2nd place, etc.". May be we also deliver this to wordpress, not sure.

We want to improve our new news service much. We just started, it creates good value due to connection with data.

We want to deliver live scores shortcode to wordpress. Something we have already in Joomla

We want to deliver completely new redeveloped moderation tool for Wordpress

We want to deliver new type of predictions "guess result". For Joomla initially.

We want to increase leagues coverage of our At least +10 leagues.


That is something we think will happen in 2022. Our Statorium service is growing so we want to focus on that growth, deliver values to the connected products and services.

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