Buddy Press Integration

Andi S shared this idea 21 months ago

i would appreciate an integration of joom sport and joomsport predictionin into buddy press to have more activities on the site.

* Activity stream integration :

++ Of live events for example

Seria A - Mi vs Inter 61" Yjellow cardIbbrahimovic

La Liga - Real vs Bac 63" Penalty Bac

Premier League - Liv 1 vs Mac 0 81" GOOAAALLL Liv Mane

++ User Acitivities for example, xy predicted on Bundesliga - Bay v Dor 3:1

* Widgets for Leaderboard Predictions,

* Widget of Predicitons Stats of single User , hoa many Predictions, Points,

* Widget Predicitons Leaderboard for all Predicitongames where a user is signed in

* Widget Live Scores

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I have already answered this via email. Thank you!

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