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Box Scores Ideas

Peter Novak shared this idea 2 years ago
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  • are there any ideas to include the number of games played per player. as at the moment the "games played" are not mentioned anywhere in the box extra box score field is a possibility but, would be double work and would not look beautiful.

  • at the moment it is possible to enter box stats although the player did not participate the game, will there be a change that only players who played the game will appear in the box stats?

  • at the moment you can display the "player list" where the player events are shown up via joomla menu. we used this view as our "statistic page" (see p.e. Will there be a view where u can show up the box stats as well in the future?

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Hi Peter.

Thank you for your suggestion. A good one!

We will definitely do something with your first point. I have a question on this matter: will it be sufficient if we add played game, played time and may be even player events as a part of the countable field? So for example if you need "number of goals per game" you will be able to count such record without need to add played games as a box score record. The main point here is that are you OK to use both - player events block and box score block OR you definitely need to have played games inside box score table?

I will have to decline your second point. The simple reason is that we have big number of customers who don't have squad but still want to have statistic for players. So we want to keep this flexibility. At the same time we've made box score tables working the way when you don't enter stat for selected player - they are not displayed on front end for matches...

Our player list is definitely something we have to think about. It is not flexible enough and box score is something we need to add. It is quite complicated question as there are number of ways we can deliver the solution. My question so far is: do you want to have ability to have two different player lists? So for example, one page would display one table with columns (lets say we speak about player list button integrated inside product) and second page displays a different one(let it be layout using Joomla menu). I don't like settings in our player list layout and would like to move them to JoomSport settings so all player layouts are unified but want to hear customer's voice about it.


Yes i'm glad you guys declined the 2nd point as you've throughly explained the reason why, i'm one of them in that reason. :)


In latest release we have added ability to count box scores based on played games parameter. This all so far that we did on this issue. We are not planning to do any extra here. Thx!