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Box score player statistic view - tab for matches

BearDev shared this idea 3 years ago
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For basketball what i need is to be able to select a new layout for player stats under Matches. Now all we can do is vertically aligned goals, asists etc. and with minutes but in basketball player stats we don't have scores with minutes next to. You know what i mean ?

Here you can see that a basketball Player Box Score specific to a game. … 29_ATL@PHI

Well as you might see statistics headlines are horizontally aligned, no time, and player names are vertically aligned and their statistics are there horizontally again, pretty neat right ? With what we have in joomsport we can't manage this good compact basketball box score layout. It should be pretty easily aligned for next update. If you need any more elaboration i could provide you that.

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Planned for delivery in major release 2.x, ETA - May 2017. Unique issue number JSWP-267


I hope that this is planned for joomla as well as i've requested this feature back in forum for joomla :)