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Ability to specify seconds, not just minutes for Player event

BearDev shared this idea 4 years ago
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In addition, for sports like Hockey, it would be good to capture the period (game stage?). For example, there could be a gold in the first period at 12 minutes 33 seconds. (Period 1 Time 12:33). There could also be a goal in the second period, at he same time (Period 2 Time 12:33). If you just add seconds, then the event will show up at the same time. A workaround would be to calculate the time and put 32:33 for the second goal, but that does not match how player events such as a goal, assist or penalty work in sports like hockey.

Thank you!



We didn't manage to include the solution into 2.0 version, but will definitely include the feature into 2.1 release. Our current release is already overloaded with major features and this particular change requires a lot of testing to be done.

What we have planned in details is to offer ability to enter time in two formats - simple MM and advanced MM:SS. We will also consider dividing the events by period so it is 100% suitable for Hockey.

Thank you!

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