Ability to display matches with chosen custom status only in match shortcodes

BearDev shared this idea 3 years ago
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Add to match shortcode ability to chose one of created custom match status so only matches with this status will be displayed.

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How many votes does this need to get before it will be planned/developed? New to the ideas/feedback area

many thanks


Hi Sarah,

We don't have any rules for this. Votes number is more like an indicator that features are highly wanted by our customers.

We aren't using exactly ICE model (https://medium.com/@nimay/inside-product-introduction-to-feature-priority-using-ice-impact-confidence-ease-and-gist-5180434e5b15) but we are very close to that.

So for each feature we try to measure impact-confidence-ease and than implement them based on final score rating.

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