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Adam Gałuszka shared this idea 2 years ago
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Joomsport is a fantastic plugin ... but for the league.

For a single club it is too complex.

After talking with users of the plugin, and with a consultant on the chat, I would like to propose a good solution.

I suggest to divide it into two functionalities:

  • team mode
  • league mode (current)

adding opponent's players as a list (without links to profiles, information etc) - only statistics in a given match with my team (cards, goals, changes)


why we need add a full profile to the base for opponent teams?

I meant not to create new players for the opponent's team.

Just write them out in this one match.

How does it look on the printed page?

  • full statistic to my team.
  • no statistic, profiles etc to opponent team.


  • only enter the player's details
  • do not add it as the entire profile to the database
  • add the possibility of changes, carts, goals etc


completing 20 competitors, only the first and last name takes 3 minutes - as much as creating one player's profile.

besides, for the opponent team does not give all players - adds only those who appear in the match with my team.

We do not need to create those players opposing the team to our database.

We need to add them only to 2 matches in the season. home and away! :-)

Thank you for your time te reading this ;-)

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Thank you for detailed feature description! Very valuable suggestion!

We have two points to comment from our side:

- Indeed it is very good idea to add ability to remove links for other teams players. Simple option to remove the links would be good solution in such case.

- Still we think it is totally not the right idea to add player names for opposite teams manually for each game instead of keeping them in database. If you enter the name of the player at least once somewere what is the purpose not keeping that name in database and not using it for the future games....Even if there were 2 games inside each season.

So finally if you are interested much, contact us via ticket or chat so we can discuss commercials adding this feature to the public release.


The new approach for players links is delivered in 5.1. It allows building club sites more effectively without a need to fill all the player stats for other teams


after last update

next/last match badge stop working

[jsMatches id ="27641" partic_id="23" quantity="1" matchtype="2" emblems="1" venue="1" season="0" slider="0" layout="1" groupbymd="0" morder="1"]


Hi Adam,

Please update to the latest. It shall be 5.1.2. Do you have this release?

before this we had 5.1.1 and there was the bug with matches widget.


I have 5.1.2 and my website have a problem


we added matches to the season, and the results of those games.

and in the table all teams now have 0 matches and 0 points.

how to downgrade a plugin?


Adam, Please open ticket using

provide us admin access. We will fix it for you

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