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ranking according to characteristics

Harald Börchers shared this question 10 months ago

hi, we need a ranking according to age groups separated by male and female.

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Please create stage categories for each ranking table you need. Result option in such stage category shall be selected to "separate".

Once you create stage you need to assign it to selected category

than you will have separate ranking table for each age group, male / female.


sorry but that's too cumbersome because i have to create a stage for each category

Age Group in germany see link

i have create a custom field "Birthday". the best way to implemantate is, you kreate a table with the age groups an when call the results by age groupe you read birthday from the player and map to age groupe ;)

i hope you understand what i mean :) my english is not so god!

greating harry


Harry, if you want the ranking separate, than it shall be separate stage category and separate stage. No other way.

So for example: male and female have to have separate group stage. You can simply display age group as a result field. In such case you wouldn't be able to have separate rankings for each age group but only see this field on ranking table.

Sorry, no other options possible "out of the box". We can offer customization for your case but it wouldn't be the cheap option. I expect $300-700 budget, need to estimate it by developer. let me know if any interest.


sorry we are only a small association and cannot afford that. Thank you for your efforts.

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