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Marko shared this idea 14 months ago
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I was wondering if you can add a custom attribute (extra field) to a ranking criteria system.

Example: I have a futsal league that has some bonus points (for fair play) in the season. Rules of that league is that criteria on table is going like this:

1. Points number

(if points number is equal then it's calculating like this:)

2. Who has more bonus points

3. Compare games

4. Goal difference


So far, my table doesn't show proper team ranking, it would be very nice if you could add that to your plugin.


Kind Regards!

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Hello Marko,

Thx for submitting the suggestion! Since it is very rare request most likely we will not submit it to the public release. We can only offer customization. Minimum fee is 5 hours $175. Contact us if interested.

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